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Canberra Club merges with Canberra Services Club


The Canberra Club Ltd held an EGM on 22 October 2014 and formally resolved to wind-up the Club and transfer all its assets to the Canberra Services Club Ltd.


This action has triggered the implementation of a new Constitution that was approved by members at the CSC AGM on 27 July 2014.

The new Board of Directors will consist of 5 CSC Service Directors and 5 Canberra Club Directors. Further details will be announced when the Board is formally operative and the new Executive is elected.


The organisation will become the "Canberra Services Club Ltd

Trading as the Canberra Club".


A copy of the transitional arrangement is included in the new Constitution which is posted elsewhere on this website.



The AFL has announced that a football game between GWS and another team will be held on Anzac Day 2015 at Manuka Oval.


The Club is in close consultation with Manuka Oval management to consider what options may be open to Club members on Anzac Day 2015.


An Anzac Day Working Party is expected to be nominated when the new Club Board of Directors meets..


2014 AGM

The CSC Club held its AGM at 11.00am on 27 July 2014 at the Canberra Bowling Club 25 Hobart Ave, Forrest.

All the merger motions, the Constitution and the MOU (CSC/CC) were passed unanimously.


All members are welcome to meet and socialise

All members are reminded that the Canberra Services Club has a reciprocal arrangement with the Canberra Bowling Club, 25 Hobart Place, Forrest ACT. Members are welcome to meet and socialise at the Club during the following hours:


Open                Close    

Monday                      3.00pm             7.00pm             Tuesday              CLOSED ALL DAY


12 Noon             8.00pm             Thursday        

4.00pm                7.30pm


3.00pm               9.00pm            


11.00am              6.30pm             Sunday           

9.30am                 6.30pm

The Bowling Club does not provide daily catering but it is experienced in BBQ’s and barefoot bowling. For enquiries contact Phone 6295 2508 during Bowling Club hours.



















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