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Merger achieved

The merge of the Canberra Club and the Canberra Services Club is completed. Thank you to all the members who whole heartedly supported the merge.

In the negotiations process members agreed to the adoption of a new Constitution, the establishment of a new Board of Directors and to several other changes, including a name change to “the Canberra Services Club Ltd trading as the Canberra Club”.

The new Board has been established and it is now addressing the changes required to implement the merger and head towards the main objective of obtaining a new block of land and establishing a new modern club facility in Manuka.

New Board of Directors

The new Board of Directors is:

President: Dennis Gellatly

Vice Presidents: Ray Dawson and Michael Kinniburgh

Directors: Jon Hunt-Sharman, Rick Reeks, Angela Smith, John McDermott, Vince Pannell, Michael Jamieson. Ian Hunt

General Manager & Secretary: J. Adrian O’Loughlin

(The General Manager will coordinate all member services and be responsible for ongoing administration.)

Business Development Manager: Neil Patchett

(The Business Development Manager will be responsible for the development of the new club facility.)

Members Annual Fees – ex Canberra Club members

The Board has agreed that the annual membership fees for ex Canberra Club members would be extended to match up with the Canberra Services Club financial year and membership cycle. CSC Invoices are issued on 1 February for payment by 31 March each year.

The new membership fees will be announced by the Board as soon as possible.

Ex-Canberra Club members will be allocated new membership numbers and be grouped to be separately identified as required under the Transitional Arrangements.

Internal Clubs continue

With the merger, the Club now has 4 Internal Clubs. These Internal Clubs were established within the Canberra Club but are now available to all CSC members. New members are very welcome.

Contact details are: Turf Bowlers - Doug Nancarrow (6247 0333), Golf - Tony Bandle (0412 263 548), Fishing - Michael Heal (6254 2979), Wine & Dine - Neil James (0400 900 772).

Affiliated Memberships

The Club has affiliated (non-voting) memberships with the Rugby Union Club (Barton and Turner) and the Canberra Bowling Club.

Members need to show their CC/CSC membership cards on visiting Affiliated Clubs.

All members are invited to attend the Rugby Union Club Open Day on Sunday 30/11/14 commencing 1.00pm.

Reciprocal Clubs

The Canberra Services Club will continue the Canberra Club’s reciprocal club arrangements with prestige interstate and overseas clubs. All members are welcome to avail themselves of the reciprocity with a letter of introduction when travelling. List of Reciprocal Clubs



The AFL has announced that a football game between GWS and another team will be held on Anzac Day 2015 at Manuka Oval.


The Club is in close consultation with Manuka Oval management to consider what options may be open to Club members on Anzac Day 2015.


An Anzac Day Working Party is expected to be nominated when the new Club Board of Directors meets..





















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