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Elections of Directors

Nominations for the position of Ordinary Director (1 position) and Services Director (3 positions) closed on 4 July 2014. Retiring Ordinary Director, Brooke Schofield was the only nomination for the vacant position of Ordinary Director.


4 nominations were received for the position of Services Director. As there are only 3 vacancies an election will be held.


Financial Voting Members can request a Ballot Paper for the eection by:




Ballot papers may be completed and submitted electronically or lodged in person. Instructions for lodgement are included on the Ballot Paper.


A short CV of each candidate is available (Click here to view).


Voting closes 12 noon, Friday 25 July 2014.



The Company AGM will be held at 11.00am on 27 July 2014 at the Canberra Bowling Club 25 Hobart Ave, Forrest.

Formal notification of the meeting and proposed motions have been posted to all financial members.

Proxy Form for AGM voting

Persons not attending the AGM are able to provide a proxy vote for motions being considered at the AGM and for any subsequent adjournment of that meeting.

(Click here to download the AGM Proxy Form)


The motions being put to the AGM covering the merger proposal are included on this website. (Click here to view the merger motions)

Draft Constitution

A legal firm has redrafted the Club's Constitution to accommodate the proposed merger if the abovementioned Motions are resolved in the affirmative at the AGM. (Click here to view the Draft Constitution)


Questions and Answers

The Club has compiled a number of Questions and Answers to respond to queries regarding the proposed merger.

(Click here)


Information Sessions on merger proposal

The Club held an Information Session on Sunday 29 June 2014 at the Canberra Bowling Club for members to discuss the proposed merger of the Canberra Club with the Canberra Services Club.

The turn out was very low, probably due to the exytremly cold weather. Those in attendance generally supported the proposed merger.

A separate Information Session was also held for Life Members and WWG on 22 June 2014.  That Session also endorsed the proposed merger.


Club Business Plan 2014-2020

This Business Plan is provided for the information of members. (Click here to view)


Statement of Strategic Intent 2013-15

This Statement is provided for the information of members. (Click here to view)


Canberra Club members agree to merger

At its GM on 28 May the Canberra Club members agreed to accept the CSC Club's offer of a merger, subject to CSC members approval.


Members welcome to meet and socialise

Canberra Services Club members are reminded that the Club has a reciprocal arrangement with the Canberra Bowling Club, 25 Hobart Place, Forrest ACT. Members are welcome to meet and socialise at the Club during the following hours:


Open                Close    

Monday                      3.00pm             7.00pm             Tuesday              CLOSED ALL DAY


12 Noon             8.00pm             Thursday        

4.00pm                7.30pm


3.00pm               9.00pm            


11.00am              6.30pm             Sunday           

9.30am                 6.30pm

The Bowling Club does not provide daily catering but it is experienced in BBQ’s and barefoot bowling. For enquiries contact Phone 6295 2508 during Bowling Club hours.















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