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Statement of Strategic Intent

The Board of Directors has held several meetings to develop a Statement of Strategic Intent for the Club.

Club Patron Lieutenant General Peter Leahy AC has provided some words of support and Club President, Greg Ranse, explains "within this document the Board has undertaken to deliver six Priority Actions for this finanical year and we are confident of carrying out those Actions. These Actions will place the Club on a strong footing to move forward".

A copy of the approved Statement is posted on this website for the information of members.

Click here to read the Statement


Annual Membership

Subscription Renewals

Renewals are due for all memberships expiring 31 March 2014.


The Board of Directors is working hard to provide new first class facilities for members, however negotiations with clubs, governments, consultants etc is a slow process. The Board is taking action to move things along as quickly as possible.

Members are encouraged to renew their annual membership subscription at the low fee of $5.50.


As mentioned below members are encouraged to use the Canberra Bowling Club facilities for their socialisation.


Anzac Day

The Anzac Day event is being held again at the Canberra Services Club site, cnr Canberra Avenue and Manuka Circle, Manuka on Friday 25 April 2014. Last year was a great success and we are hoping members and invited guests will all be able to attend again in great numbers – see March 2014 Bulletin for details.


Liaison with Canberra Club

In view of public comments and some misinformation in the public arena, the President, Mr Greg Ranse, authorised the following letter be sent to the Canberra Times on 7 March 2014

" I refer to the statement by Canberra Club President Mr Reeks (John Thistleton CT 5 March) that ''Of the proposals submitted to the club over the years, this proposal is the only one that creates a true merger with a like-minded club”.

To set the record straight: The Canberra Services Club has had informal discussions with the Canberra Club since September last year.  Earlier this year I wrote to the President of the Canberra Club proposing that formal discussions be held to explore ‘opportunity of working together in a joint venture project to merge our two clubs given the ‘Canberra Club and the CSC have long and distinguished histories, which are similarly founded on service to our country’.  Unfortunately this invitation, and further attempts to engage, have not amounted to anything.


Greg Ranse, President

Canberra Services Club


Although the above letter did not appear as a 'Letter to the Editor’; it was quoted in a feature article on the subject in the Canberra Times on Monday 10 March.


Members welcome to meet and socialise

Canberra Services Club members are reminded that the Club has a reciprocal arrangement with the Canberra Bowling Club, 25 Hobart Place, Forrest ACT. Members are welcome to meet and socialise at the Club during the following hours:


Open                Close    

Monday                      11.30am             6.30pm             Tuesday              CLOSED ALL DAY


12 Noon             8.00pm             Thursday        

4.00pm                7.30pm


3.00pm               9.00pm            


11.00am              7.30pm             Sunday           

9.30am                 6.30pm

The Bowling Club does not provide daily catering but it is experienced in BBQ’s and barefoot bowling. For enquiries contact Phone 6295 2508 during Bowling Club hours.















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